Through studying for several months on Claire Mockridge’s Your Pelvic Matters course Diane brought this information into a new course of evening classes in Southam in Spring 2017. Diane has now increased this knowledge with a course "Diamond Pilates" which brings the advantages of the previous course and extends it to include how working the muscles above and below the pelvic floor can help Men too.

Diane updated her qualification in 2020 as a Your Pelvic Matters Instructor. She attends online webinars with Claire & other Your Pelvic Matters Instructors for further advice and development of the course regularly.

" your pelvic matters "  is a very different approach to rehabilitating the pelvic floor - with a very different result. It's less about the pelvic floor and  more about the muscles that feed into the pelvis, stack up on top of it, and hang below it.

The courses are not a quick fix and the exercises and life style changes are designed to be fitted into your daily life.

We start by working on mobilising the feet and the lower legs and gradually working up the body. In the first session we also cover alignment and breathing exercises.

The way we sit & stand affects not only our posture but also our walking and the muscles in the whole body. All the muscles in the body are connected from the feet up through the legs, into the pelvis and then through the spinal cord to the neck and head. By working our way up the body we can help the whole body work better.

The course also covers how alignment, breathing and posture affect the function of your pelvic floor and the connected muscles. 

These exercises complement Pilates and this is why Pilates with Diane "Your Pelvic Matters" in Southam will help not only those with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction but those who wish to become more flexible, fitter, move better & breathe more efficiently.

All these benefits are felt by not only coming to the classes but by over time implementing what you learn into your daily life. 

The classes are suitable for all ages and both men and women. They are particularly beneficial to new mums, ladies and men over 40 and those who have been diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction or have suffered a prolapse and have been discharged by their physiotherapist or midwife. 

Diane will also be offering short courses of workshops a few times a year to cover the  "your pelvic matters" programme of exercises.

Both 121's and workshops include information sheets/ exercises to practise between sessions, further advice on daily practice and lifestyle changes that can be made.  It is advised that at least three 121 sessions and a course of three workshops is completed for maximum benefit.  

The workshops will be Online via Zoom or take place in venues local to Southam.

121's take place in Diane's home studio in Southam

More details about upcoming "your pelvic matters" Workshops can be found by contacting Diane on 

[email protected] 


Diane is also available for 121 classes covering the Your Pelvic Matters programme

121 "your pelvic matters  sessions are available to all - please contact Diane for further details. 

  • 121 sessions are paid in advance by bank transfer.
  • Blocks of 3 sessions over 6 weeks. As mentioned above  "your pelvic matters" is not a quick fix but exercises & changes to fit into daily life.
  • 2 blocks of sessions would be advised for best results.

The exercises and lifestyle changes have helped me and also changed the way I teach Pilates too.

Recommendations clients who attended previous courses and workshops are :

Client who was suffering with pelvic pain before starting the course

 “I am pleasantly surprised at how helpful this course has been, it’s been really good to have this course…. the reduction in pain is really satisfying”

 She started feeling the benefits after a couple of weeks of the course and practising the exercises and new standing/walking posture regularly

Client suffering from low back pain          "I  think it is proving beneficial especially with regard to posture …..My lower back pain is much better too, still there but not anything like as strong."

Client suffering from “urge incontinence”         “Just by altering my posture - moving into the standing stance we have learnt – helps stop the urge to go for a wee” 

This was mentioned to me after the first 4 weeks of a 8 week course in March 2021

  "your pelvic matters" is a course taught to Fitness Professionals & Physiotherapists by Claire Mockeridge - Ante & Post-Natal Fitness Expert

"Diamond Pilates" is a course taught to Fitness Professionals by Cherry Baker (Pilates & Fitness Professional) and Tracey Gjertsen (Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor & Personal Trainer)